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Sin and righteousness

Many people wonders how we became righteous by just believing jesus as our saviour. This is due to jow badly religious activities has eaten deeply into us and hence we want to see sacrifice or one spiritual gimmick, but we should know that God works mysteriously to achieve his plans. Only him has orchestrated a... Continue Reading →


FAITH- THE WEAPON THAT MOVES HEAVEN (JOHN16:23-24) Are you used to unanswered prayers such that when your prayers are answered you are surprised and shocked? Do you just pray to remain spiritual not because you are expecting a result? Are you finding it difficult to see the efficacy of God’s word in real life experience?... Continue Reading →

Day2:Erho 2017

Hey peeps today we will be talking about Day2 of Bsf meeting at erho. We went for community service, helping the indigenous to do their various chores... No Matter what! Ehen, we did the masters business by doing morning cry(evangelism)before the community service. We went to the orphanage (holy child) to visit the children and... Continue Reading →

How much does your soul worth

Dear friends, my name is magnus, it is a great privilege to be speaking to u today. It pains me so greatly that people has actually placed a price tag on their soul. See brethren the devil can go at any length to give u all the money, fame, riches, popularity, influence, etc in this... Continue Reading →

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